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Alan Damato


Damato Renovations is a home remodeling company servicing Milwaukee and surrounding areas. Prior to starting Damato Renovation Alan was Project Manager at Third Coast Renovation (2016-2021). Alan is committed to working with families and homeowners to improve their quality of life though providing the needed renovations at a fair price with quality work. 

Alan first became interested in home renovations after volunteering for a long-term service project in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina (2006). During that time, Alan was in school earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. After graduating from UW-Milwaukee in 2008, Alan worked as a Social Worker in Milwaukee for a number of years, before realizing his true passion to create things with his hands.


In 2017, Alan was featured in a home renovation tv show that aired on HGTV called My Flippin Friends. In his role on the show, Alan performed project management services. 

Currently, Alan is working with a production team for an upcoming show on the Magnolia Network called Weekend Refresh which will air in 2023.

What To Expect

Choosing to do renovations and choosing a contractor is often a difficult decision.

Damato Renovation is a licensed and insured Residential Remodeling Company.

Our process begins with a phone call or an email to have a conversation about your project.

After that, Alan will schedule a time to meet you at your home or property to discuss the scope of the project.

Next, Alan will draw up a preliminary estimate of the cost of your project.

If you decide to choose Damato Renovation as your General Contractor, Alan will meet with you again to discuss a more detailed plan of your renovation including fixtures, product options, and finishes and how that can affect the final cost of your project

Lastly, Alan will write up a contract with the specific details that were agreed upon, and email it to you for your final review and approval.

A La Carte Projects

Damato Renovations is a General Contracting Renovation Company. Alan understands the difficulty homeowners have in finding “handymans” to create or complete smaller projects around the home. Throughout years of experience, Alan has acquired skills in a number of disciplines and doesn’t mind doing smaller jobs as they fit within the schedule. Those type of jobs are best priced at an hourly rate and Alan charges $65/hr.

Project Completion Process

  • One to two months before the project

    • It is important to start thinking about plumbing fixtures, cabinet style, flooring options, and tile options. Before the project starts, some of these “finish products” need to be decided in order to layout your kitchen, bathroom, or basement in the proper way.

  • One week before renovation starts

    • Preparing the area that will be renovated and your home in general is important to certain larger renovation projects. Removing all personal items from the kitchen or bathroom or setting up a temporary kitchen in another location will lower your stress during the time when those areas are not available. 

  • Day one of renovation

    • Most projects begin with demolition. A dumpster will be delivered to the property or an area needs to be identified where debris will be located until it is removed.

    • Alan and his team are sympathetic to the amount of dust that demolition (an overall renovation) can create. Alan will prepare your home to mitigate the amount of dust that makes its way to other areas of the home. 

  • Day two through completion

    • Alan is sensitive to the disruption a renovation can cause in your household, once the project has started, Alan is committed to completing the project in a timely and efficient manner that still preserves the quality of the overall project.

    • At this time, you will almost be in daily contact with Alan and his team, and any questions you may have at that time can be addressed directly.

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For general inquiries, Alan can be reached at:

(414) 690-9555


Alan can also be reached via email at:


Alan works all over the metro-Milwaukee area.